Online Verification of Form 16 and Form 16A

May 10 , 2013

Form 16 and form16A are certificates for TDS on salary and other sources of income respectively. Form 16 is furnished by employers once a year and Form 16A is provided in every quarter if TDS has been applied on your income. After TDS is applied the amount is deposited at government's account and you get credited for income tax paid.

But sometimes if there is delay in your deductor furnishing the certificates you might like to check online if all details filled in it are correct because they are proofs of your tax payment. You can view both form 16 and form 16A at NSDL TIN website by providing certain details.

TDS form 16 verification

To check your form 16 you need to be ready with your PAN, employer's TAN, certificate number and amount deducted. Employer's TAN can be found from your previous form 16. Certificate number to be entered is the number of the current form 16 issued by employer. If you have not yet received form 16 for the previous year from your company may be they can help you with the certificate number at least. These need to be filled in at and you should be able to view details in your form 16.

TDS form 16A verification 

Your PAN, deductor's TAN, certificate number and TDS amount should be entered at and your form 16A should be available for viewing. The deductor would be your bank or whoever is the source of income.

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