NSDL Form 26AS

May 25 , 2013

You can view your Form 26AS online through Income Tax India E-filing website or TRACES websites of the government. Prior to November 2012 you could also view Form 26AS from NSDL site However this link has been discontinued.

Both the above NSDL link for form 26AS and of TIN-NSDL for Form 26AS redirect you to TRACES site

TRACES replaced NSDL link for viewing form 26AS

The old NSDL link for viewing form 26AS redirects you to this site. TRACES is the newly launched website of the I-T department where both tax payers and deductors can view, download or edit (only deductors) form 26AS. To be able to view form 26AS you either need to register and log in or view through incometaxindiaefiling site or through your net banking account of one of the 35 NSDL registered banks.

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