Income Tax Refund Status from NSDL-TIN Website

May 24 , 2013

Nobody likes to lose what is rightfully theirs. If extra income tax was paid by you than what was due you can claim it by filing income tax returns. With most Income Tax processes being made online you can know your refund status online too.

How to get Tax refund

Once you submit your acknowledgement ITR V your Assessing Officer assesses your tax returns. If he finds excess in tax paid over tax liability he generates a refund. Such refunds generated are sent to SBI, the refund banker for I-T department. The refund banker SBI distributes it to eligible tax payers through ECS or cheque.

You can expect to get the refund anywhere within one year. But the good news is you can know your tax refund status online.

Check Income Tax refund status online

You can inquire your income tax refund status through tin-nsdl website. Go to and enter your PAN along with assessment year. On submitting the next screen should show status.

However you can only view refund status 10 days after the Assessing Officer sends refund to the Refund Banker. So if you check before that, the message, 'Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to Refund Banker' will be displayed. Else 'Paid' status will be displayed along with mode of payment (cheque sent to your address/ECS), reference number, date and speed post number in case of cheque.

You can alternatively check your income tax refund status through income tax website by logging in with your user name. Go to Your refund status will be displayed on the next screen.

Other ways of checking Income Tax refund status

If your tax status is 'Paid' this will be reflected in your form 26AS which can also be checked online. Click to know more on how to view form 26AS online.

If you wish to track your tax refund status through other means you can contact the help desk of SBI at toll free number 1800 4259760 or email to

For any refund related query the tax payer should contact Aaykar Sampark Kendra at 0124 2438000 or email at For refund related query or any modification in refund record relating to Return processed at CPC Bangalore, you can contact CPC on 1800 4252229 or 080 43456700.

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