Check on Your Stock Broker's Registration

March 02 , 2013

The first thing to do before selecting a share broker is to confirm if he or the firm is SEBI-registered. If ever you enter into a dispute with your stock broker the matter will not be entertained by SEBI if the broker or sub broker is not registered with it. Only go with a genuine stock broker.

On registering with SEBI every stock broker is given a registration number. You can find it on the registration certificate or on member-client agreement form you would sign. Typically broker's registration number would look like INX123456789. A broker's registration number would begin with the letters 'INB' or in case of a derivative segment broker, it is 'INF'.

Sub-brokers who are agents of a stock broker also need SEBI registration. If it is a sub-broker his registration number would begin with 'INS'.

Keep checking that your broker's registration is intact once every year. SEBI can suspend or cancel registration of brokers or sub-broker who default on rules. You can do this on SEBI's website or on NSE/BSE where the broker is a member.

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