CAMS Mutual Fund Investor Service Offices

February 05 , 2013

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is a Registrar & Transfer Agent. Though CAMS provides transaction processing and recording services to a wide range of asset managers, banks and NBFCs, it is known for its services in the mutual fund industry. It shares a big pie of about 60% in the mutual fund industry service. CAMS itself does not manage mutual funds; instead it provides services of registrar and transfer agent to mutual fund houses.

CAMS offices

Click on CAMS Locations for viewing address, telephone number and other details on CAMS investor service offices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata as well as other locations. At the investor service centres you can submit application for mutual fund investment, make request for checking mutual fund balance, get account statement, KYC verification done and avail a host of other services related to mutual fund transactions.

CAMS online investor services

CAMS provides investors of mutual funds a number of online services. Investors can also request for their recent mutual fund account statement, account balance and profits on their investment through CAMS mailback system by dropping their registered email id at cams online website. Information on your funds across different mutual fund houses can be viewed in a single report through the investor mailback service. These online facilities are available for all mutual funds whose registrar is CAMS.

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