Form 26AS Online- View Tax Credit Status
May 25 , 2013

When you have paid your taxes for the year you can check your tax credit at the Income Tax department through Form 26AS.

What is Form 26AS?

Form 26AS is the Income Tax department's statement of tax credit. Income tax paid by you or on your behalf by your employer, bank as TDS and deposited in the government's account is reflected in form 26AS.

Thus form 26AS will show you details of

  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
  • Advance tax / self-assessment tax / regular assessment tax, etc, deposited in the bank by you
  • Refund received during the financial year
  • High value transactions in Mutual Fund, Shares and Bonds, etc

Why it is important to verify form 26AS?

Form 26AS like mentioned is a tax credit statement. Just like you update your bank Passbook from time to time it is good to check your Form 26AS at least once a year. There are reasons why you should.

  • Form 26AS confirms that income tax deducted or collected from you has been deposited in government's account.
  • It also is a proof that TDS/TCS return has been filed on time by the deductor or collector on your behalf.
  • It confirms that the bank where you paid advance or self assessment tax at has furnished your tax payment details correctly.
You can match Form 16 of salary TDS or Form 16A of other TDS with Form 26AS to verify that tax deducted has indeed been credited with the I-T department. One should verify Form 26AS before filing income tax returns every year.

How to view form 26AS online?

If you are a PAN card holder and your PAN has been provided in TDS and other tax payments you can view your tax credit statement online. Presently you can do it in one of these 3 ways:

1. Website of Income Tax India efiling 
If you are registered at the portal you can visit and login to view your tax credit statement.

You can register on the new TRACES website of the government to view your Form 26AS. Go to link to create login and register. From this site you can download Form 26AS.
You can view Form 26AS in Traces even without being a registered user, through either Income Tax India portal id or Net Banking. Go to to know more.

3. Net Banking
If you have net banking facilities with one of the banks registered with NSDL you can log into view your Form 26AS. Your PAN should necessarily be mapped to your net banking account. About 35 banks are listed with NSDL for providing view of Form 26 AS.

What if there are mismatches in Form 26AS?

One of the reasons why your Form 26AS is not updated or is reflecting incorrect information could be that PAN is not correctly quoted by the deductor. Another reason could be that the deductor has not deposited the tax yet. Take the matter up with your bank or company and get it rectified before filing tax returns.

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